Trudy White likes to work with pencils, watercolour, ink, nib pens,
brushes, biro, computer graphics programs, collage, acrylic paint,
oil paint, and textas, in books, on small pages, on large rolls of
paper, on canvas and on wood. She also likes to make things out
of clay and plasticine. She writes in longhand and on a computer. At the moment she is interested in owls, typography, languages
and strawberries.
She has had three illustrated books of fiction published so far,
and and five solo exhibitions of artwork. Trudy also illustrates other people’s work for books, newspapers and magazines.
In 2006 she completed a Masters in Fine Art by Research at VCA.
She was born 1970, Melbourne, Australia, where she currently lives and works, teaching drawing and writing workshops at schools, libraries and universities, as well as making pictures.
For more information about workshops or any questions about
the work, please send an email to trudyw[at]